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Energy Pipe and Equipment Rentals International, LLC is owned and operated by Dean Angelle, Richard Angelle
and Bob Dartez. Together they bring to the company more than 120 years of combined oilfield service experience, as well as an extensive knowledge in all aspects of the drilling industry. With these skills it enables them to assist customers with a mission of providing quality productsand services to our customers on a 24 hour, 365 days a year.
Dean Angelle began his career in the oil and gas industry in 1977 following in his father’s footsteps. Since 1960, W.R. Angelle, Jr. [father of Dean and Richard] was a pioneer and prominent figure in the drilling, workover and completion business. In addition, W.R. Angelle, Jr. was the founder of LOR with sales and operations facilities worldwide, where he designed and patented numerous drilling, workover and completions tools.  
Mr. Dean Angelle developed a keen knowledge of the drill pipe and production tubular product business while employed by the industry leaders of the pipe supply business at that time. Mr. Angelle held various sales, marketing and operations positions; and, after several years of honing those skills, in 1989 Mr. Angelle led the startup of D&D Pipe Supply Company. Through his leadership and extensive knowledge of the oil and gas drill pipe and tubular industry sector, the company expanded from a domestic drill pipe and production tubular supplier, to a global pipe supplier, with an international focus on Mexico and South America. The company offered a variety of drilling, workover and completion equipment rentals, sales and services.

Mr. Angelle led the initiative to sell D&D Pipe Company in 2006. Today, Mr. Angelle is currently the President and CEO, of Energy Pipe and Equipment Rentals, LLC. Partnered with his brother Richard, the company is focused on the North America land-based and offshore oil and gas market.

Richard Angelle, also mentored by his father W.R. Angelle, Jr. Richard quickly developed his business acumen following the path led by his father and professional mentors. Richard began his career in 1972 working for various companies in the drilling, workover and completion. Gaining a valuable knowledge of this aspect for the business, he applied that knowledge to help build two companies that were suppliers of specialty tools geared towards drilling, workovers and completions. Richard was instrumental in the design and patenting of several tools developed for deepwater offshore, land drilling and completions operations. His extensive knowledge and developed skill set in this aspect of the business groomed him for a position as Gen. Manager with a consulting engineer firm since 2003.

Mr. Richard Angelle is currently Vice President of Petroleum Solutions International, a consulting engineering firm; and, co-owner of Energy pipe and Equipment Rentals, LLC. He is a member of AADE (American Association of drilling engineers), API (American Petroleum Institute), and the IADC (International Association of Drilling Contractors). He Co-chaired a committee designated by oil and service companies in 2000 to address new government regulations concerning cuttings discharge in the Gulf and other areas in the US. The group was instrumental in negotiating major changes to proposed regulations that would have been detrimental to the oil and gas industry.